Terms and Conditions

Just Meat shall ensure that you pay less than the prices offered at the meat-shop.

Please let us know through our claim forms in the event the prices offered by the relevant meat-shop are less than for the same items being sold through the website of Just Meat. While filling the claim forms, please provide all the necessary information or evidence to substantiate your claim enabling us to carry out the requisite investigations and necessary measures to compensate you for any loss that you may have suffered from us.


The founders of Just Meat have been in the meat industry over two decades and committed to provide quality meat products to its customers by way of aligning the entire supply chain and easy access to the customers who can confidently place their orders at the platform of Just Meat to get best quality meat products. Just Meat shall fully ensure to maintain confidentiality of the information provided by its customers.

We are fully protective of the personalized information of our customers which is kept confidential, whereby, more detailed information of our policy and the measures taken by the company are provided which can be accessed.

1. Policy for the obtaining the information

Occasionally our company shall receive your personal information from different sources commonly available such as Facebook or other social media where the consent for sharing such information is available and can be shared. Likewise other groups wherein you have joined and given consent to share the information can be accessed by us.

A. Information gathered by us with your consent

  • Personal information based on which Just Meat can process and deliver the orders – personal accounts are maintained so as to avoid repetition of information to be provided by the customers. The personalised information is saved to conveniently process the orders
  • Through this personal information, we provide the updates and any discounts or deals which are offered on a time-to-time basis.
  • Whenever the order is placed only the personal information is saved to ensure that the billing and delivery of the goods are rightly done
  • No debit or credit card related information is saved by Just Meat as and when the orders are placed by the customers.
  • The personal information is shared with the respective meat shops for delivery purposes. Also, the said information is used to improve the performance of Just Meat.
  • At Just Meat, we are committed to fulfil your demands and provide quality products of all range per your preference
  • For marketing purposes and to improve our own performance we share your views so that the others can get confidence to deal with Just Meat.
  • Your reviews and feedback is important and plays a vital role to focus on our weak areas and to also enhance quality improvements amongst all the meat shops working along with Just Meat.

B. Access to Information

The information available with us:

  • The information pertaining to the orders already processed by us is available with us which is used to better understand your preferences and the likes about the products which can be supplied to you with improved versions.
  • The purpose is to use the information available with us is to improve the performance of our services.
  • Also, the information is used to seek improvement in the network of our meat-shops working along with Just Meat.

C. Information gathered by us

The information otherwise available in the public domain to carry out the market surveys

  • Based on the said information, we prepare and design our marketing campaigns and the related plans.
  • Depending upon the preferences of certain groups from specific backgrounds and likings, we prepare ourselves to fulfill their needs in the best possible manner.

2. Information sharing

In a nutshell, we at Just Meat use the information supplied by you only to improve our services and not to be used in any manner whatsoever which may harm you. The entire objective is to serve you better and with more accessibility and convenience so as to ensure that your timely feedback is given due importance and all necessary measures can be taken well in time to satisfy your demands.

Personal Information is shared with:

  • Meat shops who are supposed to deliver the products to you.
  • The partners of Just Meat who enable us to serve you the best.
  • Governmental entities if required by any specific law to provide such information.
  • At times the personalised information is used by other social media platforms to send the messages for marketing and ordering of products which include processing of payments through debit or credit cards.
  • The information is share with the delivery companies responsible to deliver the products.
  • Also, the said information is used for research purposes which are at times operating locally as well as outside UK.
  • The information is also shared or provide to the law enforcement agencies whenever it is required by them, or in other words, it becomes our legal obligation to provide such information failing which penal action can be taken against us.
  • It is generally understood and ensured that the personalised information is not shared with any such person to who you have not intended to share or have not given consent to pass on that information.

3. Legal justification for using personal information

Just Meat shall always ensure that the personalised information is only used when there is legal justification to do so. One of the primary objectives of using the personal information is to perform the contractual obligations in terms of supplying the products ordered by the customers.

4. Security

Just Meat ensures that the personalised information is not used for any un-authorised or illegal purposes for which purposes requisite measures are taken to ensure that the personal information is not supplied or used for any illegal purposes.

5. Information retention

Just Meat will keep the information provided by the customers in accordance with the terms set out herein this privacy notice, whereby, the information is retained for limited time until when all the contractual obligations are fully discharged. Some elements of the personal information with your consent to send the promotions or the advertisements.

6. Data protection rights
While providing the information or thereafter the customers can specify particularly if their personalised information is not to be used for any future marketing or promotions materials which may be send to them. In other words, the customers are fully entitled and Just Meat is obligated to comply with any express instructions of the customers about the use of their personalised information.

Legal protection of your information

Just Meat is a legally compliant company and always ensure that information gather or retrieved from the customers as per the prevailing laws and is used only for lawful purposes. The primary purpose of gathering information from its customer is to develop an effective contact between Just Meat and its customers so as to ensure that the best possible services can be delivered.

Information collected automatically:

Certain information is gathered automatically when the customers are logged-in and at times the information is gathered from third parties if the same is not subject to any confidentiality rules.

Just Meat shall protect all the data of personalised nature and the customers are able to make the changes in their personalised accounts to amend the information as deemed necessary.


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