Frequently asked questions

There is an intial set up cost of £150 Plus Vat and our commission fee is 10 % (excluding VAT). There is a customer transaction fee of 50p (Excluding Vat) that is paid for by the customer on every transaction. You can chose to pay this fee on behalf of the customer.

In practice there is no fee to be paid upfront and the set up fees will be deducted over a period of 12 months

Why we are different is because we will help you better your business and help you deliver a premier service and hence a premier product.

You do need to declare your FSA level at the time when you join. We aim to highlight quality retailers who strive their best to serve their communities and take pride in their work.

A minimum level 3 of FSA equivalent is an essential requirement to remain an affiliate and to set your business apart. We will offer you a bespoke service for a small fee to bring your business to the higher standard and ensure that you are a thriving success.

Typically speaking we will be aiming for sourcing your produce and delivering within 10 miles of a clients post code unless the customer chooses to have product sourced otherwise. Delivery options will depend on the availability of the extent of our partner network. We will be hiring affiliates and developing local delivery network and involving marginalised communities by giving them jobs.

It is our stated aim to develop close relations with our food banks and local kitchens. Homeless shelters and women refuge areas and work with rehabilitating refuges into their communities.

We will always give the option to the customer to add to the food bank and this will entitle them to our reward programme and fee waivers. We believe in not just retail but retailing with a conscience

Once all the relevant documentation is in place we should be ready to set up and go within a matter of hours.

We will need to arrange for a time and merchandising to be fitted to your venue.

  • Choose your schedule
  • Get Paid weekly
  • Download Courier APP

As an independent delivery agent you keep all your payments that you gain through the Delivery partner programme. Just Meat will not charge you a commission for your work.

Your order delivery is dependent on the times that you choose to work and the days you want to work.

You will be paid at the end of the week.

Our Al system will match you with the shortest delivery route for your customer and your business. We aim to ensure the most green route for you to be able to deliver the freshest produce to the consumer in the shortest space of time.

You will need to have business insurance as a minimum which can be offset against the cost of your income and your insurance will have to cover ‘Food and Hire and Reward Cover. The Hire and reward insurance will enable you to carry good in return for payment.

It is not enough for you to have business insurance. Your insurer will specifically need to agree to Hire and Reward cover.

The goods liability is covered by Just Meat during transportation as long as the courier carries it in the official carrying and cool cases.

It will be illegal to deliver goods without the proper insurance cover and hence you can be liable to a fine or prosecution. While we will endeavour to check and warn you. However this will solely be your responsibility.

You need to be older than 18 years old and will need a valid driving licence and a valid certificate of insurance for Business and specify Food and Reward insurance.

It will be your responsibility to maintain the documents in a legally valid manner.

You will need an approved and branded Thermal Bag to keep the cold supplies to the right temperature.
Your dress code will be to an acceptable level but we will be upgrading you to a preferred status provided your feedback has been good and the goods transported in good time. This will stand you out from the crowd and you will automatically be engaged in the delivery start award that is worth £200 per award and the right of first refusal for the job.

You will require a mobile with the correct charger and enough mobile data to allow you to successfully run the application and get updates and new orders.

If you do not have your own thermal bag then you can buy this or loan this from Just Meat at a cost before you start.

It works very well for anyone who chooses to work in this manner. You are entirely flexible in choosing your hours and your way of working. You agree to a contract when you agree a delivery on behalf of your customer. It is then your responsibility to fulfil your contract with in the timeframe. If the order is not fulfilled the liability remains with you as the independent contractor.

You start as soon as your are ready to go and have all the right insurances in place. We would recommend watching our sign up video where we introduce you to the company and

Just Meat guarantees that the price that you pay for your delivery is always going to be competitive in today’s market. We cross check your delivery against multiple providers to guarantee the best price.

Our perishable products will be picked from store and delivered in a temperature controlled manner

Submit your price promise claim on site.